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Street Numbers & Street Sweepers

Street Numbers & Street Sweepers, is the story of the 1930's African-American numbers racket ran by the rich and powerful Evans Family in Pontiac and Black Bottom Detroit. 


SEASON 1: Street Numbers & Street Sweepers


Street Numbers & Street Sweepers, is the story of the 1930's African-American numbers racket ran by the rich and powerful Evans Family in Pontiac and Black Bottom Detroit. 

Episode 01: The Meeting


Alvin 'Fats' Evans, a powerful numbers kingpin in Detroit, holds a meeting with all the head numbers kingpins in Detroit. Bones holds a meeting with the Detriot Ten&Two Gang. 

Episode 02: How We Forget


Fats and Eddie bump heads over who should be in charge. Charles and Willa have a disagreement over  his infidelities.  Fillmore meets the love of his life on a number run. Gerldene runs numbers from her brothel.

Episode 03: Black Bottom


Belle and  her daughter Zohnah can't see eye to eye. Miss Vera Holds a meeting with the Housewives of Hasting Street.  Doctor Sweetney encounters a patient with a disease unknown to the books.

Episode 04: Street Sweepers


Fats recalls his childhood days in Midnight, Mississippi and how his days in the numbers began. Gerldene uses her 'gifts' to make a fortune.

Episode 05: Who's Territory


Fats confronts Fausto about running numbers in the city of Pontiac. Randolph sets Bones straight about the family business. Gerldene and Phyllis bump heads over their past.


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It is an honor to capture and retell rich African-American stories that are rarely  told. I am intrigued by the history of the numbers racket ran by organized groups of African-American men and women who used their resources from street numbers to empower their communities. It is my goal to show the good and bad side of the rackets in a way that teaches OUR HISTORY and entertains. --Anetria Cole



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